Angel- 9 wk AKC female Coton -
Blossom- 15 wk house
trained female Havanese-
Athea- 9 wk AKC female
Coton- $1500
Jonah- 9 wk AKC male
Coton- $1200
Arron - small 8 wk male Morkie-
Casey- 1 yr 13 lb
unaltered AKC  male
Coton- $1500
Angie -9 wk AKC female
Coton- $2000
Amber- spayed house
trained 6 yr F Coton-  
$200 -
Micah- 8 wk male Bichon/
Coton - $800-
Razzle-  small 11 wk AKC
female Havanese-  $1
Benjamin- 21 mo 3 lb
house trained AKC M
Yorkie- $1500
Rascal - 11 wk AKC male
Havanese- $1000
Shaunty- small 9 wk male
Biewer- $1500-
Tammy-9 wk tiny Female
Yorkie- $1500-
Roma-  10 wk AKC female
Havanese- $1400-
Raptor- 10 wk AKC male
Havanese- $1400-
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We encourage that you meet the puppy personally or pick the puppy up. We can hand deliver
your new puppy also.

Below are pet prices only, for full registration contact Nicola at 208-543-2279 or  
We can verify that we are not a Puppy Mill !
Idaho breeder loves Christ
Thank you Jesus for
taking my place on the
Male versus female puppies; what should you choose?

All puppies are sweet, both male and female! Who can say they're not the most adorable
companions you could ask for?
For some reason, however, many spunkiness of the female is attractive, so is the gentle, attentive
calmness of a male.

One myth that needs to be debunked is that males are always "exerting dominance" or lifting their leg to potty on
everything. If a male is neutered early, he rarely exhibits these traits. In fact, boys who are neutered by 4 months of
age usually don't ever raise their leg to potty.

So when considering a puppy, don't forget those boys. They will win your heart and keep it!

I also have a very excellent experienced vet who can neuter your little boy at 8 wks old. They
actually survive the surgery better than if they were older. The charge for this surgery is $125.
Shooters- 7 wk male
Morkie - $900-
Tiffany- 8 wk tiny female
Yorkie - $1500-
Tucker - 8 wk toy male
Yorkie -$1200-
Lucy- small house trained
15 wk  AKC female
Maltese- $1200
NEW LITTERS: Yorkie- 7/28; 3 M & 1 F
                       Morkie- 7/8; 2 M & 1 F
                       Havachon - 7/15; 3 M & 1 F
                       Biewer - 7/23; 2 M