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Having a pet is an amazing experience for anyone. An animal is
very loyal to their owners and is always there by your side and
provides you with endless amounts of love.
Looking for someone to love you unconditionally? "GOD" spelled
backwards is "dog". God loves you unconditionally and so do dogs!

Here you have discovered a reliable Christian company among Teacup
Yorkie Breeders,  Biewer Yorkie or Morkie Breeders
listed online. You
don't have to keep looking on the Web because we will work hard to be
your only pet solution

We are dedicated to breeding healthy, happy, intelligent, non- shedding,
Toy breed puppies, and dogs, with good conformation and
temperaments. Our dogs and puppies are raised as part of our family in
our home. The  puppies are extremely well behaved and are kept clean
and pampered.

Owning a new puppy is a big decision. You have to be prepared to  take
care of your new puppy over a long period of time. There are year-round
tasks like purchasing food, taking the pet to the veterinarian,  and
maintaining appropriate shelter. A new puppy will also count on  you, the
pet owner, for love, companionship, and exercise.

Our puppies are also very well socialized and come with a TWO year  
written health guarantee. We can verify that we are NOT a Puppy Mill !Our
company, Nicola's Pets, is proud to offer AKC
Yorkshire Terriers,  AKC
Maltese,   BYA Biewer Yorkies and Designer dogs  for sale; and has been
an Idaho dog breeder for 42 years! .

As you look around our web pages, discover that our puppies are fine
animals produced from healthy, fully-certified parent dogs. When you
purchase a dog (for breeding or showing) from us, you are certain that
your new
Yorkie,   Maltese  will have an American Kennel Club
certification; and if you purchase a
Biewer  Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom
, they will have Biewer Yorkie Association registration.

We also provide pedigrees to show that there is no inbreeding.  We do
DNA testing on all our male stud dogs to further the superiority of the
breed and assure no faults. De-worm and vaccinations are  up to date on
all puppies. We offer
Canine Stud Service for all breeds.

We don't sell a new puppy to prospective puppy owners unless we're  
sure the animal will stand up to your high standards as a pet consumer.
That's why you should bank on our
two year product guarantee.

If you aren't fully satisfied with your purchase, we will take the   
necessary steps to fix the situation. We want you to become a happy,
satisfied client. By making sure you are thrilled with your new pup, you
help us to add to our reputation as
first-quality Teacup Puppy Breeders.

Toy Breed small dogs serve as ideal companions for people who  
spend a lot of time at home. They are also friendly playmates for kids.
Teacup puppies, however, are generally too fragile for small children
because they can be dropped or injured easily.

When you need to find the right puppy Breeder, rely on the services of  
Nicola's Pets. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with
you by helping you choose one of the fine animals  listed on our website.

At any time of the year, we are happy to answer your questions about
your Toy dog ownership. For instance, puppies make great gifts when
they go to homes where people can care for them properly.  

We want to thank you for researching our company on the Web. You will
see why we are
Reputable Breeders with many satisfied customers. We
will gladly talk to you personally  about which breed would be the best fit
for you. We ship within the USA (with utmost care).   We encourage that
you meet the puppy personally or have a family member, or a
representative acting in your behalf meet the pup prior to delivery.
Previous Buyer
references are also available upon request. Veterinarian

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