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We specialize in purebred Yorkshire Terriers, baby doll faced Yorkies, teacup Yorkies and standard Yorkies. We also carry Morkie (half Yorkie, half Maltese) puppies.

Having a pet is an amazing experience for anyone. An animal is very loyal to their owners and is always there by your side and provides you with endless amounts of love. There are a wide variety of dog breeds out there, but one of the very best is the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier. The terrier is one of the smallest breed of dog and is by far the most adorable. Thank you for choosing us as your number one Yorkshire terrier breeder.

Here at Nicola’s Pets, we are the premier Yorkshire terrier puppy breeder. We take pride in breeding our Teacup and Toy terriers and we are happy to give a member of our family to yours.

The terrier breed is very loyal to their owners and is a great breed of dog for families with small children. The Yorkshire terrier is very energetic and playful, the perfect pet for any household. The terrier is also an obedient breed, follows directions well and is easy to train.

We currently have many Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale. My teacup Yorkshire Terriers are kept in my care for at least 10 weeks of age because I want to make sure they are healthy and well adjusted before placing in their new homes. I also do NOT place my teacups in homes with small children just because they are too fragile for small children and can be stepped on or dropped and seriously injured. For people with small children you should consider a 5-10 lb dog. Please feel free to browse our puppies and contact us for any information. We have maintained a great reputation with our clients and we always welcome anyone to visit with our Yorkie terriers to see if they’re a good match. All of our toy puppies for sale come with a health guarantee.

Before our puppies are adopted, they are seen by a licensed veterinarian to be sure they are very healthy.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to bringing you a new member to your family.

We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with our teacup Yorkshire terriers at first sight. If you have any questions about our Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale please feel free to contact us. We take care of our puppies as if they are a part of our family. We nourish the puppies to ensure the best health for a long life span. There is nothing better than coming home to your buddy at the end of a long day and we know our Yorkshire terriers will provide you with this kind of everlasting love.

Breed Group: Yorkshire Terriers are a Toy breed
  • Weight: up to 7 lbs for standards and 4 lbs and under for teacup Yorkshire Terriers
  • Height: 8-9 inches
  • Color(s): blue/tan, black/tan, blue/gold and black/gold. Yorkshire Terriers are born black, gradually attaining their blue and tan coloration as they mature.
  • Coat: The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is not coarse, but is fine and silky to the touch. The teddy bear Yorkie coat is thicker and has some curl to it. Unlike other breeds, which have fur, the Yorkshire has hair that is growing constantly. They have no undercoat and do not shed.
  • Overview: The Yorkshire Terrier is a lovely lap dog that much prefers to be held on their owner’s lap all day. The Yorkshire Terrier have a dose of attitude combined with a bright and playful nature. The Yorkshire Terrier is a true and loyal companion.
  • Character: Yorkies are intelligent, lively, and fearless. Yorkies focus entirely on their owner and are extremely affectionate. It has been said that a Yorkshire Terrier requires more human companionship and attention than any other breed.
  • Temperament: The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie can be territorial and likes to have their space respected. Yorkshire Terriers are tolerant of older children if treated with care. The Yorkshire Terrier can also be somewhat independent and assertive. Yorkies get along well with other pets.
  • Care: The Yorkshire Terrier’s show coat requires daily grooming. The hair on top of the Yorkie head, if grown long, is usually secured with a band or bow. However, if the Yorkshire Terrier is not being used for show, then the coat may be clipped short. Yorky ears and eyes must be cleaned daily. Dental hygiene is also important. Most small dogs generally have more problems with retained baby teeth so you should also keep an eye on their teeth.
  • Training: Yorkies are quick to learn. However, Yorkies may become willful in which case training of any kind can become difficult. Training your Yorkshire Terrier puppy must have consistency and firmness. Yorkies do not like to be ignored, so lots of praise will bring out the best in their training.
  • Activity: The Yorkshire Terrier requires minimal exercise. Yorkies are suited for short walks and ideal for apartment living or homes with small yards. Yorkies love to chase shadows, lay in.
  • Breeders: Reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeders generally will not let their new teacup puppies go to their new homes until at least 8-10 weeks of age due to hypoglycemia problems (low sugar). Your individual breeder is the best judge of when the puppy is ready.

Yorkshire Terrier breeders should always give a puppy care page to new owners explaining how to take care of the puppies. Reputable Yorkie puppy breeders will also be willing to assist you in case anything does arise. Also due to the large amount of scammers on the internet, you should always ask for at least 4-5 references and the breeder’s veterinarian to check them out to see if they are legitimate. Ask the Yorkshire Terrier breeder to send additional pictures of the specific puppy so you know that they have the Yorkie pup in their possession. Be careful and do your homework before choosing your Yorkie breeder.

We can verify that we are not a puppy mill!

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