These are some testimonials from people who have purchased pure-bred puppies from me. They can testify that we are not a puppy mill!

She is doing so good! We just love her so much! I feel like she has always been a part of our family. Karen B – Eagle, ID 10/2/23


He is sweet and kind. My anxiety just became so much better. He has barely barked, is getting the gang to potty training, and is as sweet as can be. Thank you ! Alice in Boise 9/24/2023

Hi Nicola!  Bianca, my little female Yorkie, just had her 11 week shots at the vet, she weighs 2.38 pounds is very healthy and just wanted to let you know she’s great and I love her to pieces, I feel blessed to have her! Donna in Boise; 1/27/20

“Mrs. Nicola is a very sweet, kind-hearted person to work with. She replied to all emails and questions promptly and her customer service skills are wonderful. I bought a Havamalt from her in March 2017 and the delivery process went very smoothly. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reputable breeder. Thanks a lot Mrs. Nicola!”

Mrs. Turner in MD

“I cannot recommend Nicola Wall highly enough! She has beautiful, healthy, happy, calm puppies! I am thrilled with my Yorkies & Biewer Yorkies that I have purchased from her! I have known Nicola for many years and she raises the healthiest, calmest, smartest breeds like the Bichon Frise, Havanese, Coton de Tulear, Yorkies and Biewer Yorkies. She is an excellent breeder and her dogs are of the very best quality and have been very well socialized. I would not hesitate to purchase from her again, I actually think it would be a mistake to purchase from someone else! I have physically been in her home and met her dogs, and she has a wonderful breeder’s program!”

Sincerely, Cathy in WA

We purchased a female Yorkie, Sophie, from Nicola and I cannot recommend her enough. She has a passion for breeding for the right reasons and does it with integrity. Our precious Sophie is exceptionally smart, healthy, and so cute! We were able to housebreak her quickly and she has never had an accident.
We are ready to get a playmate for Sophie and we will not go anywhere else. We are so thrilled we found Nicola.   Waheeda in Boise. Oct 7, 21


“I certainly understand your concerns, I had them myself before I purchased my Yorkie from Nicola. One of the many reasons I chose a puppy from her is that she does not cross breed her lines. This is hugely important to me because I know the disasters that can occur with the health of animals when people attempt this whether it is with cats, dogs, or horses. I have all 3 species!!! I also chose Nicola because she breeds for temperament. Her puppies are very cute but temperament is more important to me than looks. Health and temperament are what I go for first and Nicola met than criteria for me.”

Sincerely, Cathy

owen and cooper

“We purchased our 2nd puppy from Nicola at Nicola’s Pets right before Christmas, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Our dogs Owen (5 year old Yorkie) and Cooper (3 month old Morkie) are about the best small dogs anyone could ask for. Super well tempered and both have been easy to house break and train. We absolutely love them and couldn’t imagine not having them in our lives. Nicola’s dogs are beautiful animals and you can tell just be looking at them and interacting with them that they are well bred and well mannered. There’s a reason Nicola is considered Idaho’s premier toy & teacup breeder!”

The Hermansen Family – Meridian, Idaho (2017)

“I had my Yorkie shipped from Nicola in Idaho to the San Jose airport, an 1-1/2 hour flight with no issue. He was very glad to see us and I immediately took him outside so he could relieve himself. He was adorable!!! I have had no health issues, he is 1-1/2 years old, great temperament. If I ever get another Yorkie, I will only buy from Nicola. I have dealt with many breeders over the years (I have bred and shown dogs, cats, and horses) and Nicola is a pro, I trust her completely. She answers her calls in a very timely manner and really knows her dogs. As far as recommendations go, I recommend her as an excellent dog breeder to everyone I meet. I must tell you that I am constantly stopped by people who fall in love with my Yorkie, he is friendly with everyone he meets. I attribute that to Nicola. You cannot go wrong and I wish you much success with whomever you choose.”

Sincerely, Lauren

“I recently purchased a Havanese form Nicola’s Pets and have been nothing but more than satisfied. Nicola was so easy to work with, she was easy to communicate with and answered all of my questions. She went above and beyond to make the transaction as smooth as possible. What a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend her as a great Havanese dog breeder!”

Debi in NC on 5/15/07

“I purchased a puppy from Nicola, I had never purchased a puppy out of state and I was very very nervous about the process. Let me tell you that Nicola is a wonderful lady and an excellent dog breeder. She is very concerned about her puppies, our little yorkie is wonderful, he is so loving and calm. You can’t go wrong getting a puppy form Nicola.”

Kelli on 11/17/06

“We purchase a Coton puppy from Nicola and are very pleased with him. My sister also bought a little Yorkie from her. When we went to her home to pick them up we were impressed at how clean and well kept her dogs were. Nicola really cares for her puppies and is a great dog breeder and I would recommend her anytime!”

Cindy in ID on 11/9/05



“We can’t begin to accurately express how delighted we are with our Yorkie pup. Naturally, she’s adorable, but she’s also incredibly well tempered, energetic beyond belief, smart, healthy, makes friends easily with people and neighbors’ pets, and is a joyful addition to our family. As new pet owners (and first-time pet parents), we relied considerably on Nicola for advice and assurance, and she responded to all of our questions and concerns over several months. We visited Nicola in Buhl to pick up our pup, and were very impressed with her professional skills and the facility she runs. Her dogs are raised as pets in her home. We’d highly recommend Nicola’s Pets, without reservation of any kind. Our experience was terrific in every way!”

David, Chris and ‘Poppy’ Perkins – Teton Valley, Idaho

“I cannot recommend Nicola Wall highly enough! She has beautiful, healthy, happy, calm puppies! I am thrilled with my Yorkie, we named him Bear her puppies are so clam and smart. I had said I would take a puppie and sent the money off before I had ever checked on her AKC Pups then I thought wow what have I done but I can tell you I could not be more happier, Nicola is very helpful and very trust worthy I would buy from her again and send people her way.”

Joni in Fairbanks Alaska

“I would recommend Nicola’s puppy’s to anyone. She was very helpful from when I orginally called to inquire about the dog to her follow up after I had my puppy a few days to make sure everything was ok. Her animals are healthy, well taken care of, and are cute as ever!”

-Jessica and Travis Knoeck

“I got a wonderful Biewer Yorkie from Nicola this past August. I live in MO and it was to hot to ship Adam by an airline, so I flew out to Boise, ID to get him. Nicola is a wonderful person who made me feel like a family member as soon as I met her. Adam is a very sweet dog who was already potty trained! He has the sweetest face and you can tell by his eyes that he was well loved and taken care of before I got him. This is a remarkable difference if you have ever gotten a puppy from other breeders who keep them in cages, etc. I have, so I can’t express the difference I have seen with Nicola’s puppies. Adam was also fully vetted when I got him. I am very happy with Adam as he is a healthy & happy dog from the first day of his life.”

God’s Blessings, Kim Pense in MO

“In September 2007 we purchased a male Yorkie puppy from Nicola. Nicola herself was a great help and gave wonderful advice to a first-time Yorkie owner like myself. Nicola even made the effort to follow up with us a few weeks later to make sure all was well with our new addition. What a treasure he is! Willy has been so perfect for our family. He is extremely smart and has the most adorable personaility. He is friendly to everyone he meets. In a matter of a couple weeks of having him home with us (then about 10-11 weeks old), he already learned to go potty outside. Now when he needs to go, he runs to the door and lets us know. We have been amazed at how easy he has been to house train. He is already a part of our family and we can’t imagine not having him with us. I highly recommend Nicola’s Pets as a reputable Toy dog breeder when considering your next addition to your family.”

Sincerely, Melissa in Meridian, ID

“This testimonial is long past due, so here it goes. Rest assured that Bently whom I bought from you, is in the best hands possible.”Bently” is now my newest adopted Yorkie treasure and blessing straight from above. He adapted to my new home in Medina, WA and became my son “Rover’s” long awaited new baby brother. Bently’s demeanor is so calm and pleasant that he blesses people from 1 year all the way up to my grandmother’s age, as they beg me to hold him in awe. He is most stunning with his precious face that has you fall in love at first sight. Thanks for all of your care instructions and kind suggestions for my newest puppy purchased from you this year, he has transitioned successfully into my home. Here is a current photo. Thank you Nicola!”

God Bless! Eileen & Rover


“Nicola, we just wanted you to know how happy we are with Shooter! He is a great Coton dog with an amazing temperment! I was worried about getting a puppy just for the fact that it could be a hyper, bounce off the walls kinda pup! Shooter loves possitive reinforcement and is a wonderful addition to our family! THANK YOU!”

Sarah & Carl in Meridian, ID (2009)


“I have given referrals and recommendations to Nicola’s Pets for nine years. We purchased our 4th Yorkie puppy (Lacie) in Oct, 09, and she is doing just wonderful. All of the puppies we have received from Nicola are healthy, well socialized and have good temperaments. She gives great instructions on how to care for your puppy and follows up with emails and phone calls to make sure things are going well. We couldn’t be happier with our Yorkies!!!”

Becky K in Boise, ID (Oct 09)

“Perfect dog! I wish everyone could know what a huge difference it makes to get I am so happy with the Havanese puppies I got from Nicola – they are puppies from a reputable breeder so wouldn’t have to learn things the hard way like I did. We went through tremendous heart ache and expense due to the health problems that the Pomeranian puppies we purchased from a “not so reputable breeder” had. Nicola’s puppies are healthy, happy and SO smart which makes them easier to train. Nicola truly cares about these puppies and it shows in their health, their intelligence and their temperament! I worried that any puppies we got would become yappy because the neighbors behind us have 4 dogs that bark constantly. But, our puppies have never barked at them and have rarely ever barked at all. Breeding for temperament really works! These dogs are the sweetest, smartest and happiest dogs I’ve ever seen! Nicola helped teach me what I needed to do to take care of Havanese and was patient with all my questions. I won’t ever buy another puppy from anywhere else. I HIGHLY recommend her as an honest, ethical and excellent breeder!”

Vicky from Boise


“Hi Nicola

just wanted to give you an update on Hannah Grace, she is doing very well and we are so blessed to have her be part of our family. She has been to our vet and is current on her shots as well as keeping her on H-3 Pets food and her vitamins, I could not get your link to Nuvet to work can you please send it to me again as I need to get them ordered. I am just about out of the tube you gave me. Here is her picture from 4th of July.”

Blessings, Yvonne, 6/14

cindy's yorkies

“After spending a considerable amount of time looking for the perfect Yorkie be. I now have two of the most incredible little Yorkies! Kylee and Leahla are everything you could want in a companion. They are healthy, cute and have the best personalities. Not only are Nicola’s puppies outstanding, but so is Nicola. I have contacted Nicola multiple times. Each time she has been adding a new addition in July. I can’t wait to bring him home. Thank you Nicola”

Cindy in Boise

judy's pups

“We bought two Yorkies and one Biewer Yorkie from Nicola at once. All from different litters, all born within a week of each other, and all three are girls.

We love our girls! All three are very cute and healthy. I would do it again in a flash. She is the best breeder and her dogs are of the very best quality. You can’t go wrong buying from her. Thank you Nicola! Love our girls!”

Judy in Boise, Idaho, 6/4/11


“Hi Nicola,

I wanted to write you and let you know how much we love our little Morkie!! He is so precious and we have enjoyed him so much these past few weeks. We named him Hot Rod because we think he is very fast for a tiny guy! he is such a wonderful and loving dog. I could tell from the very first night he was here that he had been raised with a lot of love and care. He is the best family pet we could have asked for and I think he is very happy living with us. My 2 sons play with him constantly. He is the first thing they want to see when they get home from school each day. Here is a photo I have taken of him. He is getting bigger each day. Thanks again for providing us with such a special little dog!”

Angela in NM

“Hi Nicola !!

Oh my gosh!!! Our lives have been so blessed by Brandy, the tan female
Morkie puppy!!! She is such a love and so much fun.

Maggie is doing great!!! She is adjusting etter than we thought!! We did exactly what you said when she got home on Saturday; brought her into the family room and sat down on the floor, and let Maggie sniff her. I will send you some photos!!!

I let them have supervised play time, and then after a while I separate them. Just taking it nice and slow. The trainer came out this morning, and thought they were doing great together. He said to just keep doing what we are doing!!!

Thank you so much, for such a wonderful, beautiful baby. I will send you some photos so you can see!!”

Christina in Boston, 6/2/12

Hi there Nicola!  Just wanted to send you a quick note about Piper (because I’m so impressed!).  She is incredibly smart, she learns very quick.  She was one of the easiest house dogs to potty train that I’ve ever had.  She’s learned how to ring the doorbell pad now to go out.  She also “stands” to be clipper cut – she pretty much has set, down and walk on a loose leash at close (heel) position.    We just love her and she’s doing great!  Thanks again for helping me choose her and all the other help you have been.  Just wanted to let you know!  😊 Toni in Meridian, 7/16/19

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