To see available MALTESE puppies click here.
To see available MALTESE puppies click here.

A Maltese is a toy breed and has long, silky white hair. This breed has been around for more than two thousand years and has gone by other names, including Roman Ladies Dog, Maltese Terrier, and Melitae Dog.

Although a Maltese may look delicate, it has loads of energy. This toy breed can play for hours if you allow it to. This type of toy breed requires a lot of attention, so you should never leave it alone for too many hours.

The good thing about owning a Maltese dog is that it is very easy to train and will respond well to positive reinforcements like treats. If you take the time to train your toy breed puppy, you will have a very well-behaved dog.

Although this dog generally gets along well with everyone, it is not recommended to own one if you have small children. This toy breed is very delicate, so a young child can easily drop it or step on it.

At Nicola’s Pets, we breed this type of toy breed and can provide you with a loving dog. All of our Maltese puppies are vaccinated and well-behaved. We are happy to show you our dogs in our home near Boise, ID.

Have you been thinking about getting a Maltese puppy for a while? If so, you should definitely put your trust in Nicola’s Pets. We have been breeding these dogs for years and can give you a healthy and happy puppy.

We encourage you to drop by our home and view our puppies for yourself!

We can verify that we are not a puppy mill!

To see available MALTESE puppies click here.

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