NOTE: This excerpt from the official Health Guarantee is provided for informational purposes only. The official Health Guarantee will be provided when you take your puppy. Contact Nicola with any questions.

On______________, 2023, the following dog has been sold to the person listed above as Purchaser and is free of any liens or encumbrances as a result of stud fee, veterinary fees, etc., except as stated below in additional terms.
Breed _________________Whelped__________Sex_______Color_________Limited or Full Reg.
Name Registration #
The consideration for this sale is the sum of $___, plus $___ sales tax or shipping and handling charges for a total of $___.

Additional Terms: Seller offers a six month hereditary guarantee on adult dogs and one year on puppies. However, due to the varying kinds of dog foods on the market, and the different environmental conditions that your dog could be exposed to, WE WILL NOT STAND BEHIND OUR GUARANTEE UNLESS THIS PUPPY IS GIVEN “NUVET PLUS” VITAMINS DAILY FOR A MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR. Failure to do so makes this guarantee null and void! Please call NuVet Plus to order your puppy’s vitamins. (1.800.474.7044, Order Code # 51524, or online at Purchaser must have the puppy checked by their veterinarian within seven (7) days of purchase and send the vet findings to Seller within 24 hours after seeing vet for this contract to be valid. Failure to do so makes this contract null and void. No guarantee for over or under bite unless otherwise stated as well as no guarantee for a retained testicle for a pet quality puppy unless purchasing a puppy for a breeding program. Also, Kennel Cough, Coccidia, or Guardia, which are common in puppies, is not covered for the simple reason that it can be treated and cured easily. Any major body organ failure is considered life threatening and is covered under this contract. Any health problem that can be treated with medication and or surgery is not covered.

Purchaser: The purchaser agrees to never sell said dog or give said dog to any Pet Shop, pet farm or similar institution. If, within five (5) days of the date of this sale, the purchaser believes the dog to be sick, the purchaser agrees to return it to the seller (with a letter from an examining licensed veterinarian) and the seller will either (1) exchange the dog for another dog of equal value, or (2) return the dog to the purchaser in well condition, or (3) refund the purchase price.

Seller: The seller assumes no responsibility for this puppy after it leaves the seller’s possession, including but not limited to: medical expenses, landlord’s disapproval, allergy to animals, or disagreement of family. If within seven (7) days of the stated purchase date, the buyer’s veterinarian and the seller’s veterinarian discover a congenital defect that will severely interfere with the life function of mobility of the puppy described, the seller is obligated to replace the puppy. If the seller is unable to replace the defective puppy within a period of one (1) year, the purchase price will be refunded. The seller is not responsible for ANY veterinarian bills or any other bill regarding this puppy nor is the seller responsible for damages, physical or emotional to the purchaser’s self, possessions, or individuals. The seller is not obligated to replace a puppy whose problem is a result of its environment. We do not guarantee adult size because all dogs are bred down.  We do not guarantee adult size or color because we can only make educated guesses.We also do not return shipping charges on any  returns.

ALL Sales Are FINAL!

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