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DESCRIPTION: Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is a toy Terrier with straight hair from the base of the head to the tail. These tiny dogs should have tails that are carried up. The hair on their body’s is typically 3/4 the length of the dog, giving the impression they are bigger than they really are. The fur tends to be silky in texture and they do not have an undercoat.

TEMPERAMENT: Biewer Yorkshire Terriers tend to forget how small they are, and want to go on an adventure. You will find that this little dog is brave, energetic, and clever. You will also come to love this breed for their ability to be devoted to their family, along with being loyal and intelligent. A great companion for all ages, Biewers love fun and giving affection to their masters.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: Up to 8.5 in and 7 lbs. Generally teacups and toy size.


GROOMING: The Biewer Yorkie’s hair is fairly easy to groom if you comb it out once a week. They do not shed.

ORIGIN: The Biewer Yorkie originated in Germany in 1984 and was a piebald genetic recessive gene occurrence exhibiting a specific banded/striped offspring produced by Gertrud and Werner Biewer’s Yorkshire Terriers. The sire and dame of the first recognized Biewer Yorkie were “Darling of Friedheck” and “Frufru of Friedheck.” The Biewer’s saw this little dog with its white markings as extraordinarily attractive and began the selective breeding process to produce more. The Biewer’s named these little dogs with their white markings “Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon” thus the beginning of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier as we know them today.

The American Canine Registry is one of the first in the US to recognize Biewer as a breed, and there are many efforts being made to promote acceptance of the breed throughout the US. The Biewer Yorkie Association is the only known club for the breed and is designed in order to promote, document, register and educate others on the breed and how it meets the standard set in place by the ACR.

As far as the lineage of the breed, it should be noted that the Scottish Terrier, the Skye Terrier, the Cairn Terrier, the West Highland White Terrier and the Dandie Dinmont all have the same beginnings. So these breeds along with the Biewer Terriers all come from the same place.

What You Should Know: Before buying a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, you should know that your breeder shouldn’t let the puppies go to new homes before they reach the age of 8-12 weeks (depending on size). The reason for this is problems with hypoglycemia, which also means that the breeder should be giving you information on how to care for this specific breed.

To ensure your breeder is legitimate, ask for references along with the breeder’s
veterinarian. To ensure they still have the particular puppy on hand, have them send you extra pictures so you are not scammed. Being careful and doing your homework before choosing your breeder can save you a lot of hassle and heartache -I am willing to provide references and information on caring for the puppies I sell.

To see available Biewer puppies click here.