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Below are pet prices only, for full registration contact Nicola at 208-867-9462 or email her at nicolasakcpets3@gmail.com

Patty-  6 wk female Morkie – PENDING!
Bella- 3 wk female Morkie – PENDING!
 Two Yorkie litters, one Shorki litter and one Maltese litter to be born in DEC.  Now accepting deposits towards them.
Marshall- 4 wk  male Yorkie  for sale
Maria- 3 wk female Morkie PENDING
Rachelle- 5 wk female Morkie- PENDING!
Scotty- 4 wk female Morkie- PENDING!
Scamp- 3 wk male Morkie- PENDING!
Montana- 4 wk male Yorkie for sale
Be Still and know that I am GOD! Psalm 46:10
Banjo- 3 wk female Morkie -PENDING!


Did you know it says “TO FEAR NOT!” 365 times in the Bible? That is for every day of the year! Have faith in God!
Tucson-  4 wk male Maltese for sale

We encourage you to meet the puppy personally before purchasing and pick the puppy up if possible. We can hand deliver your new puppy as well, contact us for details. We can verify that we are not a Puppy Mill! – Detailed puppy care info.

Male versus female puppies: what should you choose?

All puppies are sweet, both male and female! Who can say they’re not the most adorable companions you could ask for?

For some reason, however, to many spunkiness of the female is attractive, so is the gentle, attentive calmness of a male.

One myth that needs to be debunked is that males are always “exerting dominance” or lifting their leg to potty on everything. If a male is neutered early, he rarely exhibits these traits. In fact, boys who are neutered by 4 months of age usually don’t ever raise their leg to potty.

So when considering a puppy, don’t forget those boys. They will win your heart and keep it!

We try to make an educated guess concerning the adult size of your pet, but we are not God; so therefore there is no guarantee on size.